Top 5 Winter Furnace Safety Tips for Northeast Ohio Residents

August 7, 2018

Categories: HeatingWinter Furnace Safety Tips

When the weather starts to get colder and your energy bills increase, it can be tempting to try and cut costs wherever possible. However, it’s important to invest in having your furnace serviced regularly. Here are a few winter furnace maintenance tips that will ensure your family stays safe and warm this winter.

  1. Safe Operation and Peace of Mind: Your family’s safety is the number one priority; that’s why it’s important to make sure your HVAC systems are safely operating. The professionals at Martinov Home Solutions will check for any gas or carbon monoxide leaks, as well as all safety controls, to give you and your family peace of mind about your furnace system.
  2. Best Performance: While your furnace may be running, is it running to the best of its ability? From checking the air intake grills for blockage to inspecting the heat exchanger for rust, simple fixes can greatly impact the performance of your furnace. Scheduling annual maintenance checks is a crucial step in keeping your HVAC system performing optimally.
  3. Energy Savings: Having your HVAC system checked annually means that your system will be working as energy efficiently as possible. Martinov heating and cooling professionals can also help you learn how to increase your energy savings with your current HVAC system. Making your heating system more energy efficient will save you money on energy bills.
  4. Finding Issues Before They Are Problems: Annual furnace maintenance can catch any minor problems and make repairs before they turn into more serious concerns. During the maintenance appointment, a professional HVAC contractor will check the wiring to make sure there is no corrosion or damage. The blower access door will also be checked to ensure it makes a tight seal.
  5. A Heating System You Can Rely On: Heating contractors should check the gas pressure, static air pressure and temperature rise. If one of the levels is off, it could damage your system. By keeping up with professional servicing, you can rest assured that your HVAC system will keep you warm during the peak of winter weather.

Don’t consider skipping your annual furnace maintenance appointment this year to save some cash. Having your furnace cleaned and checked every year pays for itself over time. Contact us for more information on our furnace maintenance services.

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