How to Apply

Are you eligible for the Epprecht Family Foundation Scholarship?

Successful candidates will show they have distinguished themselves through school and community activities while showing strong academic achievement. Scholarships are awarded for two to four consecutive years of full-time college enrollment with satisfactory academic performance. The application portal will be open for applicants from students who attend eligible high schools and who meet the following criteria:

  1. A graduating senior at one of the eligible high schools.
  2. Have a 3.5 cumulative GPA upon applying.
  3. Display financial need through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  4. Must have completed community service over and above the minimum required by their high school.
  5. Must be going into the fields of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.

Please note the scholarship requirements are subject to change.

What You Need to Apply

What you will need to complete your scholarship application by February 1st at 12:00 am EST:

  • Copy of your high school grade transcript
  • Copies of your ACT and/or SAT test results
  • High School Attendance Records
  • FAFSA Student Aid Report
  • Three professional letters of recommendation
  • Completion of essay questions

Application Review Process

The scholarship recipients will be decided on by The Epprecht Family Scholarship Selection Committee. The selections will be made based upon the applicant’s high school grades, test scores, financial need, and the committee’s assessment of the applicant’s motivation and character. Awards will be given after the successful applicant has been accepted for admission to a college, university, vocational technical training school, school of nursing or licensed training program. Selected applicants will be required to complete a formal interview. If any of the requirements are not submitted on time the application may not be considered for review by the Foundation committee.

Requirements to Keep Scholarship

The scholarships are CONTINUING. The original amount is available to the student each semester he/she continues his/her education as a full-time undergraduate student and maintains the following academic standards set by the Foundation:

  • The student is required to maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative grade average and no less than a 12-degree credit hours, 100 or above level classes that are earned towards your degree, per semester.
  • A written reflection about the student’s goals, achievements, and struggles are submitted after each semester.

Eligible High Schools

Great Lakes Cheese of Cuba

  • Cuba-Rushford High School, Cuba New York

Great Lakes Cheese of Wausau

  • Wausau East and West High Schools, Wausau Wisconsin

Great Lakes Cheese of LaCrosse

  • Logan High School, LaCrosse Wisconsin

Great Lakes Cheese of Fillmore

  • Millard High School, Fillmore Utah

Great Lakes Cheese of Abilene

  • Abilene High School, ATEMS High School, Copper High School and Woodland Center for Excellence, Abilene Texas
  • Eula High School, Clyde Texas

Great Lakes Cheese of Hiram

  • Berkshire High School, Berkshire Ohio

Great Lakes Cheese of Adams

  • South Jefferson High School, Adams New York

Great Lakes Cheese of Plymouth

  • Plymouth High School, Plymouth Wisconsin

Great Lakes Cheese of Manchester

  • Coffee County Central High School, Manchester Tennessee

Great Lakes Cheese of Franklinville

  • Franklinville High School, Franklinville New York
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